Donation of NIS to the Institute for Health Protection of Mother and Child Dr Vukan Čupić

May 15, 2019

Funds jointly collected by the employees of NIS and the company itself are intended for the procurement of modern equipment and devices that will enhance the conditions for work and treatment of patients in this health institution, one of the most significant institutions for treatment of children and youth in the region. The equipment for the Institute includes an operating table, anaesthetic machine, monitor for observing vital functions of patients, operating lamps and aspirator. Today, Kirill Tyurdenev, CEO of NIS, awarded the donation on behalf of the company, and the ceremony in the Institute for Health Protection of Mother and Child was attended by doctor Radoje Simić, Director of the Institute, employees of this institute, representatives of NIS and media representatives. At the same time, employees of NIS, members of the Club of Volunteers organized the action of decorating the premises of the Institute in order to enhance the conditions for work and stay in this institute. “There is no task and mission more important than supporting children. Their health and happy childhood are our priority and our commitment. Everything do for them is investment into future. That is known and felt by everyone at NIS. This donation is a joint decision and desire of employees and the Company. We know how difficult and responsible your job is. Every day you fight and win the most difficult battles. Therefore, I heartily wish that you walk out from the operating rooms happy and smiling every single time. After the greatest worry, that will be the greatest happiness in life for many. Therein lies our satisfaction and encouragement to still support those who need us the most”, said Kirill Tyurdenev, CEO of NIS. Radoje Simić, Director of the Institute, expressed his gratitude to NIS for the donation for the procurement of the equipment for the operating room in which 1,250 surgeries are performed annually. “With this donation of NIS, achieved by good will of the employees and the management, a good deed was done for the children of Serbia and the region. I am glad that a company like NIS recognized that this is a hospital to be invested in. Investments are also provided by the Ministry of Health, Health Fund and everyone else from state structures in the position to do so, but this is something that, I have to say, we see as the greatest gesture”, said Simić. For years NIS has been one of the leading domestic companies in the area of socially responsible business. NIS pays special attention to the enhancement of conditions for the treatment of children and youth in health institutions across Serbia, both through support for the procurement of modern medical devices and equipment, and through decoration of premises in these institutions. In this manner, the company wishes to contribute to the situation where the youngest patients, as the future of our country, have the highest quality conditions for treatment. NIS has so far supported operation of a large number of health institutions of broader social significance including the University Children’s Hospital Tiršova in Belgrade, Institute for Health Protection of Children and Youth of Vojvodina in Novi Sad, General Hospital Studenica in Kraljevo, Clinical Hospital Center in Kosovska Mitrovica, Clinic for Burns in Belgrade, Haematology-Oncology Department of the Children's Internal Diseases Hospital in Niš and maternity wards throughout Serbia. Almost RSD 100 million was invested so far to support financial institutions. In addition, within this year’s cycle of the corporate programme Together for the Community, NIS will invest almost a million euros (RSD 116.5 million) in the enhancement of operation of health institutions in 13 cities and municipalities throughout Serbia (Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, Čačak, Pančevo, Požarevac, Zrenjanin, Kikinda, Novi Bečej, Srbobran, Žitište, Kanjiža, Plandište). the Institute for Health Protection of Mother and Child Dr Vukan Čupić is one of the most significant institutions in Serbia and the region dealing with the treatment and care of children. It was established in 1950. During 2018, 200,000 examinations were carried out in the Institute, 27,000 children were admitted for hospital treatment and 6,000 surgeries were performed. In addition, the Institute is the teaching base of the School of Medicine, University of Belgrade. Education of undergraduate and postgraduate students of the School of Medicine is continuously carried out, as well as well as doctors specializing in paediatrics, paediatric surgery, anaesthesiology and other branches of medicine, and nurses and technicians of the Medical College of Applied Studies and secondary medical schools from Belgrade.