Dušan Borković and Nisotec Racing Team on their way to the European Title

April 12, 2012

NIS a.d. and Dušan Borković, the best Serbian car racer and the member of Nisotec Racing Team, have signed today the contract on cooperation continuation. NIS support in this year has been made official prior to the first race on the European Chaimpioship this year on road paths of FIA European Hill Climb 2012. The domestic car racer with the most trophies will race already on 15 April on the race in France, after which numerous competitions awaits him during the year on the roads across the Europe and the struggle for winning the European Chaimpion Title. Support to the multiple car racing champion who has participated in races for two consecutive years under the name of NIS oil brand "NISOTEC" presents the confirmation of NIS decision to promote the top sports and healthy lifestyle. At the same time, NIS will thus promote its brands such as NIS Petrol and NISOTEC signifying the greatest company in Serbia, the brand which will become the Balkans' leader on the market of retail and motor oils. "By supporting the top car racing champion we want to contribute to the affirmation of this attractive sport. By coming to Nisotec Racing Team last year, Borković showed great results on the foreign and domestic racing paths. This season NIS will support the fastest Serbian racer and Nisotec Racing Team even stronger on their way to the European Title", said Jusif Abasov, Deputy ED of Sales and Distribution. "I consider NIS support as additional encouragement to win the title on the European Championship on the hill paths. I am supported by the leader on the domestic market of oil products, the brand winning the positions on the international market in big steps. The season full of great efforts is impending, as well as numerous races across the Europe. I have only one goal – to become the European Champion", Dušan Borković pointed out. In the previous competitions Dušan Borković showed extraordinary talent, leaving behind himself much older and more experienced drivers, as well as much faster, better equipped and more expensive cars. With more than 200 trophies, Borković is the car racer with the most trophies in Serbia, the youngest holder of "Diamond Helmet" in Serbia, the winner of three "Golden Helmets", champion title in general ranking on the hill paths of Serbia, vicechampion title of N group and the winner of the third place in general ranking on the Еuropean Hill Climb Championship. The contract has been signed on petrol station «Zmaj 2», after which the car racing champion has shown his skill at the wheel of his racing car – Mitsubishi Lancer.