Electric power hits new markets

January 14, 2015

The first quantity of electric power produced in NIS cogeneration plants was sold in the fourth quarter last year. Thus, along with the Serbian Electric Power Company EPS, our Company became the only producer in Serbia supplying electricity in the free market. NIS implements the successfully its small cogeneration development program which is part of the long-term strategy of the Company aimed at increasing its business efficiency through the rational use of the existing gas resources. The cogeneration module operation principle is based on conversion of natural gas into electric and heat power. Electricity produced this was is delivered to external consumers, i.e. to the national electricity market, while heat energy is used by the Company for its own needs. -Cogeneration modules produce electric power from gas which has a high content of inert gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen and cannot be supplied to the transport or distribution system, or the surplus gas is flared because there are no consumers nearby. This way NIS solves two problems - the resources which have not been used so far are now exploited and the gas emission into the atmosphere is reduced - says Igor Korac, Deputy Director of the Energy Block. The produced electricity  is sold in the market while the heat power is used by the Company in the oilfields for its own needs, such as heating the oil tanks, accompanying equipment and facilities. NIS also offers the available heat power supply at a good price to the entrepreneurs willing to build their production facilities near the oil and gas fields.  The Electricity  Trade Department in the Energy Block plans to increase significantly the electricity trade volume not only from its own production but also through an active approach in the open electricity market. - We expect that by the end of this year the volume of NIS trade on a monthly level will grow up to 100 GWh - says Djordjije Janjusevic, Director of Electricity Trade Department.

By extending its partner network and by further development of its new business activity NIS will increase its brand recognition in the countries in the region and its brand strength.
In accordance with its strategic aim to become a regional energy leader, NIS plans to further develop electric power trade in all countries in the region. Foreign subsidiaries of NIS are currently undergoing the licensing process for this business,  which will allow NIS to approach new markets and extend its partner network. A wider presence in the region will increase the electric power trade flexibility and increase the range of products. By extending its partner network and by further development of its new business activity NIS will increase its brand recognition in the countries in the region and its brand strength. Djordjije Janjusevic says that the Company has done a lot to support the development of new activities of NIS in the energy industry in order to implement its strategic aim of becoming the energy leader in the region. - The role of the Electricity Trade Department as a commercial part of the Energy Block in NIS is to  connect NIS will other participants in the open electricity market. Our efforts result in obtaining the optimum prices at any time and achieving a higher flexibility in operations through a growing partner network - says Janjusevic. According to him, in the process of implementation of strategic aims, the Energy Block relies exclusively on its own resources regarding the sale of the produced electricity and it has a clear vision of NIS as one of the leading electricity trading companies in the region. - Through an active participation in electricity trade in the free market we create additional value in purchase and sale activities with third parties, while protecting at the same time our own production by taking the role of a "virtual electric power plant" capable of compensating at any time  the failure of any production facility of NIS. By extending its activities beyond its currently existing range of products, we create opportunities for a synergy approach of currently individually operating commercial sectors of the Company by offering  structured products tailored to customer needs, which include not only electric power but also petroleum products, i.e. natural gas.  - says Janjusevic. In conclusion, Mr. Janjusevic says that on the basis of his own experience in electricity trade and considering the everyday contact with the markets in central and southeast Europe he perceives NIS as a company which reacts quickly and efficiently to all market opportunities and changes increasing that way its own flexibility and offering alternative opportunities both in the sale of its own production and in creating new market positions.