Energy Community Secretariat officials visit NIS

September 29, 2016

The visit was organised by the EU Liaison Office with the aim of presenting the latest trends in Serbia’s refining industry to Secretariat officials. Nikola Radovanović, Chief Legal Officer for EU Legislation, welcomed the guests and then Vladimir Gagić, Director of Refining, gave a presentation to introduce the visitors to the history of the two refineries in Serbia, their current capacities, plans for their prospective development and planned investments. A strong focus was put on the aspects of safety and production stability and on energy efficiency which has been increasing steadily in Refining in recent years, placing NIS among the most advanced refiners in Europe. The presentation was also attended by Boriša Zirojević on behalf of Sales Block and Mihajilo Obućina on behalf of Strategy and Investments and they took part in the discussion that followed the presentation. The presentation was an opportunity to highlight once again the importance of the long-standing cooperation between Naftna industrija Srbije and the Energy Community Secretariat.