Exclusive Travel Accessories Discounted at NIS Petrol Stations

September 11, 2012

In order to reward its loyal customers, NIS Petrol offers the opportunity for purchase of exclusive travel bags and accessories from the Goodyear collection, with an 80 per cent discount.

For any RSD 1000 purchase of fuel or non-fuel products at NIS Petrol shop or restaurants, customers receive a coupon. Drivers of freight vehicles are also eligible for participation if they purchase goods for RSD 4000.

By collecting a specific number of coupons for participation in the NIS Petrol Loyalty Programme, customers will have the opportunity to purchase renowned and modern products at discounted prices, exclusively available at NIS petrol stations.

The promotional activity is on until 17 February 2013 at all petrol stations of NIS Petrol in Serbia.

Moreover, from September 11 to November 15, 2012 for any purchase of RSD 1000 or above, NIS Petrol will grant a discount of RSD 3 per litre of D2 Diesel and RSD 1.5 for Euro Diesel.

Find more information on the Loyalty Programme on the NIS consumer website