Experts in the field of lubricants at NISOTEC conference

September 24, 2015

Alexey Chernikov
Director of Sales and Distribution
addressed to the participants at the conference about distribution of oils and lubricants The conference, which was primarily dedicated to the significance of long-term partnerships with distributors, was attended by more than 60 participants both from our country and from the region. The issues related to the regional operation of the lubricants business of NIS were discussed, the main challenges faced by the oils and lubricants market were indicated, and the models of innovative marketing in this segment of operations were presented. Over 60 participants from the region attended at the NISOTEC conference “Changes in the oils and lubricants market require significant strategic activities on the part of NIS, and the result of those activities is the leading position which we have in Serbia, but also the constant growth in the share of NISOTEC products in the regional market”, said Dmitry Vukolov, Director of the Lubricants Department at NIS.