First GAZPROM station in Belgrade

May 5, 2015

This NIS premium brand retail point is located in the city’s Voždovac district, in Bulevar Oslobođenja Street. It provides consumers with a superior quality fuels, outstanding service and wide selection of products. Petroleum products on offer to customers are of Euro five quality and are produced in the revamped Pančevo Refinery. With a view to ensure faster, safer and better service to consumers, a new gas station is equipped with modern fuel dispensers. In accordance with strict environmental regulations, the new GAZPROM station has separators for waste water and fuel tanks have double shell to protect groundwater and soil. Gas station is fully automated, including electronic tracking of all work processes and is open 24 hours. Customers can use the car wash as well as a restaurant with free Wi-Fi. The new gas station consumers are also offered convenience and loyalty programs Super Kartica. Partners in this project are NIS, IDEA, Sberbank Serbia, Telenor, DDOR Novi Sad and McDonald's. Thanks to the collaboration of six companies, customers, when shopping with these partners, can collect points and then to realize a number of discounts. The GAZPROM network has 13 petrol stations in the Serbian market, and " Avalski put" is the most recent among them. Gazprom gas station NIS is the winner of the "Best from Serbia" in 2014.