First NIS Petrol Fuel Stations open in the Republika Srpska

December 21, 2012

Six fuel stations have started operating today on the territory of the Republika Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina). These fuel stations will be operating under the Serbian national NIS Petrol brand name. The target group of NIS Petrol, as an economic class brand, is the large consumer population. The Republika Srpska is a priority market for NIS, which is richer for new fuel stations now renowned for their high-quality service and motor fuel at reasonable prices. "The start of the first NIS Petrol fuel stations on the territory of the Republika Srpska is a significant event in the Sector for Sales of Oil and Petroleum Products. We are satisfied that a renowned company expressed its interest in our market and decided to invest considerable funds into the retail network development in the Republika Srbija. I strongly believe that this business initiative will result in a win-win situation both for NIS Petrol and our citizens who will be able to purchase high-quality fuel at attractive prices. We are pleased that, in this way, the cooperation between the Republika Srpska and Gasprom with which we already have initiated and planned large projects in the field of oil and gas exploration, as well as gasification in the Republika Srpska, is even more strengthened. The new NIS Petrol fuel stations are opened in the two largest cities on the territory of the Republika Srpska: • Banja Luka: two fuel stations - "Laktasi" and "Laktasi jezero" in "Trn" settlement, • Bijeljina: four fuel stations "Bijeljina 1", "Bijeljina 2", "Bijeljina 3", as well as "Janja" fuel station at the Bijeljina-Zvirnik main road. NIS Petrol fuel stations in the Republika Srpska are branded in the distinguished tri-colour brand, symbolizing Russian and Serbian flag colours. The retail stores also offer a wide range of high-quality fuel, including BMB 98 and BMB 95, Euro Diesel 5, as well as car gas, fueled using modern fuel dispensers. In addition, Ad Blue is available at fuel dispensers at "Laktasi" and "Laktasi jezero" fuel stations in Banja Luka, an environmentally friendly additive for diesel cargo vehicles, which is yet to be introduced into other fuel stations. NIS Petrol fuel stations also provide their customers with the possibility to use tyre compressors and car vacuum cleaners. The high-quality service at NIS retail stores in the Republika Srpska also includes rich assortment in sores and café restaurants. During the fuel station construction and reconstruction, the cutting-edge technological and environmental solutions have been implemented, in line with EU requirements. NIS will open another two fuel stations in the Republika Srpska under the NIS Petrol brand name by the end of the year: "Foca" fuel station (at the Foca-Trebinje main road), as well as "Rogatica" fuel station (at the Gorazde-Sokolac main road). The integral part of the NIS' regional business strategy by 2020 is the expansion of NIS Petrol business network on the territory of neighboring countries leaning against the Serbian border. NIS' investments into the retail network development only in the Republika Srpska in 2012 have amounted to over EUR 9 million, whereas EUR 80 million investments are planned in 2013. Apart from fuel stations under the NIS Petrol brand name, NIS will provide premium fuel stations to its customers, which will become the major trans-European network in the Balkans region.