First petrol station under NIS Petrol brand name opened

January 13, 2012

Today, in Belgrade the first petrol station NIS Petrol, with the new appearance– "Zmaj 2", on the E-75 highway, at the entrance to Belgrade was opened. This event was attended by NIS CEO, Kiril Kravchenko with city representatives and the Mayor of Belgrade Dragan Djilas. This is the first in a series of retail sites which shall work under the new "three-color“ commercial brand. The new visual identity of the reconstructed petrol station has retained the properties of the old, recognizible NIS Petrol brand, while the introduction of the blue color into the name ensrciption signifies the synergy with the Gazprom Neft brand. This event is significant not only because of the introduction of the graphical change in the visual identity, but also because of the creation of a unified retail network under the brand name NIS Petrol, which is implemented in compliance with the overall modernization of the company retail network in Serbia, company’s strategy of expansion in the region, and above all in compliance with the desire to offer to the market, i.e. to customers the best value proposition as possible. By 2014, in Serbia, around 250 petrol stations under the NIS Petrol brand name shall be reconstructed and constructed. These three-color petrol stations of NIS Petrol shall function in contemporary way and shall be in full compliance with all civil construction and environmental regulations. - In the next two and a half years, around 100 million euros will be invested into modernization and construction of new petrol stations in Serbia. In addition to appearance, the quality of services at our petrol stations will be in compliance with European Standards, pointed out in this occassion Kiril Kravchenko, NIS CEO. Also, at this ceremony the main prizes of the fourth, last round of the New Year’s prize game of NIS Petrol, under the name, "Na NIS Petrolu natoči, u auto uskoči“ were handed over. By the prize game «Na NIS Petrolu natoči, u auto uskoči» NIS wanted to please its loyal customers for the seasonal holidays by valuable prizes. During the previous month in four rounds the main prizes Mercedes Benz GLK 200 and four Fiat Punto Classics were drawn, as well as 1000 fuel cards in the amount of 5000 dinars. More than 706 000 NIS customers participated in this prize game.