First Section for St Sava Cathedral Dome Reaches Destination

May 3, 2017

First section intended to for the interior decoration of St Sava Cathedral dome, its creation funded by „Gazprom Neft“, was delivered in Belgrade today Mosaic of St Sava Cathedral central dome is being created in a dedicated art studio in Moscow. The works are led by an academician and member of the executive body of Russia’s Academy of Science, Russia’s People’s Artist, Nikolai Muhin. The Cathedral dome decoration project envisages the creation of a mosaic that would cover 1.230 square metres. It is made of smalt glass and natural stone. The mosaic is due to be put in place on May 22nd.  The entire decoration of the central dome of the Cathedral is scheduled to be complete by the year’s end. “Gazprom Neft” conducts cultural activities in Serbia with a view to strengthen liaisons between Serbia and Russia. Other than supporting the decoration of Vračar St Sava Cathedral central dome, the company has also facilitated the recovery of the “Russian Necropolis” in Belgrade, as well as  numerous cultural and charitable projects.