Free School of Tennis for Children in Ada

May 28, 2017

NIS and the Tennis Association of Serbia (TAS) organised free schools of tennis for children in Ada at the weekend The open school of tennis was organised as part of the event “Sports Gathering of Holy Serbia” held by the Orthodox Sports Organisation with a view to offering the concept of development and proper character building to children and young people. Just like in previous years, the event involved a lot of sports and gathered thousands of children participants. The sport featured by this year's Gathering was athletics, and this was the second year in a row that TAS and NIS participated and organised free schools of tennis as part of the event. NIS and TAS have been organising free schools of tennis for children across Serbia for six consecutive years. This is how NIS, as a general sponsor of TAS for many years now, supports children's sport, promotes a healthy life style and proper development of young ones within the framework of its corporate strategy and under its slogan “Future at Work”.