G-Drive Diesel at GAZPROM Petrol Stations in Serbia

September 1, 2016

GAZPROM Petrol Stations in Serbia have started the sales of premium G-Drive Diesel fuel This is the petroleum product which is obtained by mixing the domestic high-quality diesel Euro 5, produced in modernized Pančevo Oil Refinery, and the complex of additives of the latest generation. New G-Drive Diesel increases the power and performances of the engine, and it also provides the professional protection of the fuel system. In comparison to the standard euro diesel, the use of improved G-Drive Diesel fuel provides more efficient combustion of fuel, which leads to the greater power, better start-up performances and more stable operation of the engine. In addition to the improved performances of the engine, G-Drive Diesel provides also the protection of the entire fuel system. The new fuel has also the component for the protection against corrosion which reduces the risk of failure and enables longer service life of the engine. NIS Company has provided additional benefits for its consumers during the purchase of the new premium diesel. All the users of the loyal card called “On the Road with Us” will receive additional bonus points in the amount of one percent for each purchased litre of G-Drive Diesel, whereas the users of Super Card will receive double points. In the following period, NIS Company plans to place G-Drive Diesel fuel also on GAZPROM Petrol Stations in the region. More information about this fuel, as well as the accurate list of Petrol Stations on which G-Drive Diesel fuel is available, can be found on the following web site: In addition, NIS Call Centre is also available to the consumers and its telephone number is 0800 008 888. Calling this number is free of charge. GAZPROM brand Petrol Stations which are equipped in a modern way belong to the retail premium segment of NIS Company, and in addition to the high-quality fuel produced in accordance with the highest European standards, they offer to their consumers a wide range of non-fuel products, restaurant services with free Wi-Fi, and also the great choice of the related services.