G-Drive New 100-Octane Petrol Available at GAZPROM Petrol Stations

October 21, 2015

New generation fuel G-Drive 100 on GAZPROM petrol stations network This is an improved quality petroleum product based on 100-ocatene Euro 5 quality petrol, produced in Pancevo Oil Refinery and enhanced by additives which provide additional power and outstanding motor protection. New G-Drive petrol improves engine performance, power and acceleration property. In addition, this fuel provides engine cleaning and protection from wear and tear, thus extending its service life. G-Drive 100 premium petrol has been produced according to the highest industrial standards, in cooperation with the leading experts in the field of new-technology fuels. The improved performance of this fuel has been proved based on the results of tests conducted by one of the world-renowned independent vehicle and fuel testing centres, Millbrook Centre in Great Britain. The tests performed by the independent laboratory have proved that the new fuel, compared to standard Euro BMB95 petro, improve the engine power by up to seven per cent and the acceleration property by up to 10 per cent. NIS, the owner of GAZPROM retail premium brand, plans to place G-Drive 100 on the regional markets in the upcoming period as well. Further information on this fuel and the list of petrol stations is available via website, and by contacting NIS Call Centre free-of-charge number 08 0000 8888.