Gas Oil 0.1 Now Sold At NIS Petrol Stations

April 14, 2014

In accordance with the Rulebook on terms and conditions, modalities and form of the request to use the right to subsidised fuel, published on 12 April in the Official Gazette, NIS petrol stations have started to supply agricultural producers with gas oil 0.1. As in the previous years, the company has ensured a timely and uninterrupted supply to farmers, in order for field work to proceed without delays. As part of the support provided to agricultural producers in Serbia, NIS offers a three-dinars-per-litre discount on gas oil 0.1. The requirement for using this discount is an active NIS Card for farmers, issued free of cost. Gas oil 0.1 can be purchased by farmers at 220 NIS Petrol and GAZPROM filling stations throughout Serbia. In addition, Euro diesel is already offered for sale to farmers at all NIS Petrol and GAZPROM filling stations, with a discount of five dinars per litre, available with a specialized NIS card. Customers who have not picked up their fuel cards yet and would like to make use of the benefits offered by NIS as part of its farmer programme should fill in a request available at company petrol stations or downloadable from the NIS webpage. The customers who have already received their NIS cards should activate it via the company Information Centre (telephone number: 0800008888), having submitted the required information on farm households or estates. Detailed information on the farmer programme and the addresses of the petrol stations is available on the official NIS website: