Gazprom Neft Hosts the Exhibition of Photos “Let’s Discover the Arctic”

October 7, 2015

Grand Oppening of the Exhibition of Photos "Let's discover the Arctic" At the Sava Promenade at Kalemegdan Fortress until November 6, the Belgrade citizens and visitors of the capital city will be able to learn some interesting facts about the least explored region of the planet. Some photos focus on modern technologies of seabed explorations along the Arctic coastline. The photographs depict the unique ice-resistant oil platform Prirazlomnaya, designed and built in Russia for work in extreme Arctic conditions, which meets the international environmental and process safety standards. The exhibition of photographs entitled 'Let's Discover the Arctic' comprises spectacular photos of icebergs, scenes from everyday life of the local population and members of animal species of this region. The Exhibition of photos "Let's discover the Arctic" at Kalemegdan Fortress The harsh environment of the North Pole is still an enigma for mankind. Through these photos, the visitors will be able to peek behind the veil of secrecy and feel the atmosphere of the Arctic nature through a stunning of rugged landscapes. Photo credit: Sergey Anisimov The authors of the exhibited photos are the Russian photographer, Sergey Anisimov, the winner and laureate of international photo competitions, creator of the Global Arctic Awards, and author of six monographs of the North as well as Maxim Avdeyev and Alexander Taran. Photo credit: Alexandr Taran “For me, photography is the ability to convey the atmosphere of the moment, the beauty and uniqueness of each Arctic nature manifestation, a sense of perfection and secret”, said Sergey Anisimov.