Gifts for consumers at NIS petrol stations

June 6, 2017

Within the campaign that will last until 30th June, upon purchasing a NISOTEC product at NIS Petrol and GAZPROM petrol stations or at better supplied car shops, consumers are given a NISOTEC sticker to be put on their car. Thus they potentially may gain a NIS fuel card worth 50 litres of best quality fuel. Gift fuel card will be gained by a driver, who first reaches the petrol station announced on TDI Radio station and on the Internet, if there is a NISOTEC sticker on their car. Find more information on the rules of this campaign involving NISOTEC items by visiting the link or by placing a toll-free call to NIS  Call Centre at the number: 08 0000 8888. The products from NISOTEC wide range are made of best quality raw materials in association with world’s most prominent producers of additives and base oils. Application of NISOTEC lubricants provides major fuel savings, extends engine’s service life and better protects motor from corrosion. NISOTEC, a NIS Company brand, won a grand champion cup this year at the International Agricultural Fair in the city of Novi Sad for best quality motor and hydraulic oils, as well as seven grand gold medals and three gold medals for the quality of products within the  NISOTEC range.