Gifts with NISOTEC Products

August 25, 2017

Within this campaign, which will last until stocks run out, consumers will receive, when purchasing four liters of NISOTEC motor oil in any of fourteen retail facilities of Gazelakomers,  two liters of NISOTEC automotive glass cleaner as a gift, while professional buyers will receive work clothing for purchasing 120 liters of motor oil or two barrels of oils from NISOTEC portfolio of high quality products. Using NIS Company’s NISOTEC oils and lubricants, one achieves fuel savings, better engine protection from corrosion and prolonged operating life of the engine. The superior class of products is confirmed by the large champion cup of this year’s International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, won for top-notch quality of NISOTEC brand of motor and hydraulic oils, as well as seven large golden medals and three golden medals for the quality of NISOTEC palette of products.