Green power plant at Pančevo School of Mechanical Engineering, with NIS support

September 9, 2016

Wind generator by which school collects wind energy and products electricity The School’s Green Power Plant was designed and made by students of Pančevo School of Mechanical Engineering and their professors, with the aim of improving the level of environmental protection, reducing the consumption of electricity and introducing innovation in the use of renewable energy sources. NIS provided the resources needed for setting up the wind turbine and solar panels and for installing LED lights, which now allows the school to produce electricity on its own and to meet in part its electricity demand, thus making substantial savings in consumption. This project represents the application of alternative energy sources, as it integrates the use of wind power and solar energy and helps to increase energy efficiency. The project "School's Green Power Plant - Vetrosol" was presented by  Professor of Mechanical Engineering School Vladimir Božičković The collaboration between Pančevo School of Mechanical Engineering and NIS began in 2013, when the company purchased a 3D printer and thus helped the school become a leader in introducing innovative technologies into secondary schools in Serbia. By supporting the new project, NIS is showing in practice that being a business responsible to future generations is its strategic commitment. Classroom which is powered by the wind turbine NIS has been supporting the cities and municipalities it operates in for eight years running, by sponsoring community projects which promote social and economic development of the local community. This year also, NIS earmarked in excess of 110 million dinars through the programme “Together for the Community” in order to support various projects of the local communities, including the City of Pančevo.