Highest mark for NIS MHC/DHT complex in Pančevo

July 18, 2014

In one of the conclusions at the San Francisco Symposium, organized by Chevron Lummus Global, it was stated that the production results seen in the past year and a half at the newly-constructed refinery facilities in the NIS MHC/DHT complex in Pančevo are the best in this part of Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The newly-constructed mild hydrocracking and hydro-treatment complex in NIS Refining received the highest mark for all its results so far. This prestigious mark, given for the operation of the Pančevo hydrocracking and hydro-treatment facility, is the result of the analyses of the start-up activities, of stable operation to the present day, the top quality of all types of products made here in compliance with the Euro 5 standard and, importantly, a higher conversion, i.e. a greater production of light products than projected. Specifically, the project envisages that 40 per cent of light products are made from the raw material which undergoes hydrocracking, whereas in Pančevo the “yield“ of top-quality products is about 60 per cent. In addition, care is taken in everyday operations to provide a safe work environment and to abide by all the HSE standards.