Historical Success of Young Serbian Mathematicians Achieved with NIS’ Support

July 22, 2019

In team competitions, the Serbian team won 171 points and the 9th place in the world among 112 countries, which is one of the best rankings of all time achieved by the Serbian Olympic team for mathematics. In terms of the number of medals won, this is the best result in the history of Serbia. The excellent Serbian team was led by Bojan Bašić, PhD, and Marko Radovanović, PhD. Jelena Ivančić, a third-year student, and Pavle Martinović and Aleksa Milojević, four-year students of the Mathematical Grammar School from Belgrade, won golden medals. Miloš Milićev won the silver medal, while Jovan Toromanović and Vladimir Viktor Mirjanić won bronze medals, all of them students of the Mathematical Grammar School. At the last year’s 59th International Mathematical Olympiad in Romania, Jelena won the silver medal.