If it had not been sold – NIS would have been closed down today

January 6, 2012

Daily newspaper “Politika”

Petar Škundrić, Energy Adviser to the Prime Minister gave an interview to the daily paper „Politika“, in which he stresses that in case SPA with Gazprom Neft had not been signed, potentially we would be forced to close NIS down today. Škundrić points out that the value of NIS with such business results is far greater than it used to be at the time when SPA was signed, and says that it could be realistically expected that at the end of 2011 profit of NIS will be higher than 300 milion euros, which shall be by far the best business result. He also points out that entire profit until present has already been reinvested in order to stimulate the development of the company and to make NIS one step closer to the implementation of its final aim, to become the leader in the Balkan region.