In 2012. NIS invested over 13 billion rsdf into the retail network development

December 30, 2012

NIS Petrol" fuel station network would like to greet their customers the forthcoming New Year, and wish them in 2013 fulfillment of all wishes, success in all their undertakings, and to have a good trip in all directions! On its part, in 2013, NIS plans to continue development of "NIS Petrol" national brand, with the aim to raise the same to the leading position on the national market of petroleum products. The foundations for the future success have been set in the year which is about to end - the brand appeared as a modern visual solution – in tricolor, combining colors of the Russian and Serbian flags, and thus the major campaign of "NIS Petrol" fuel station network modernization and rebranding started, during which over 200 petrol station have been reconstructed and rebranded, and the network operations efficiency has increased due to the introduction of the cutting-edge environmental and energy saving technologies. The year which is about to end has been the year when the regional brand expansion started - on the 21st of December, 6 "NIS Petrol" fuel stations started operating on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which represents the first step of network development in the countries bordering Serbia. In 2012, the total investment from NIS funds into the NIS retail network development, not only in Serbia but also in Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Romania, amounted to 13 billion RSD. "NIS Petrol" fuel station national network development is one of our strategic objectives in 2013. The success of this brand stands to a greatest extent as a pledge of NIS' successful business activity in Serbia and a guarantee that the Company will retain its share in the domestic retail market, which assumes an utmost importance in the state of economic crisis. The retail network development beyond the Serbian borders is no less important, including the premium segment. For this very reason, we have started implementing the new customer service standards, the new fuel station operations technologies, we closely monitor the fuel quality at our fuel stations and apply a flexible pricing policy. I firmly believe, in 2013, we will be even more open and efficient in this area of our business activity" - said Kirill Kravchenko, the Chief Executive Officer of NIS.