In three years NIS will invest additional 400 milion euros into environment protection

January 6, 2012

Daily newspaper „24 sata“

By 2015 NIS will invest into environment protection, ecological infrastructure and reconstruction of petrol stations around 400 milion euros, which is six point five times higher than foreseen by SPA in the environment protection section, it is stated in the company.

NIS CEO, Kirill Kravchenko said that through the modernization of units, introduction of new technologies and alignment with European regulations, NIS will meet the standards of European refineries and achieve the leading position among oil companies in the Balkan region. NIS states that in the course of previous three years the company has invested over 70 million euros into environment protection, while only in 2011 35 milion euros was invested, owing to which a series of significant environmental projects were implemented.

In 2012 as a part of the modernization program of Pančevo Refinery, the complex for mild hydrocracking and hydrotreating will be completed and thus enable NIS to completely turn to the production of European quality standard fuels.