Information to consumers regarding sales of subsidized fuel

April 1, 2014

Esteemed Consumers, We have recently been receiving quite a number of your queries related to the sales of Diesel fuel type Gas Oil 0.1 at our company’s refuelling stations. This has compelled us to provide our clients with the update of the situation. At this junction, NIS Petrol filling stations network is ready to provide farmers with petroleum products required for the completion of the sowing campaign. The registered farmers may exercise their right to buy the Gas Oil 0.1 type of Diesel fuel as soon as the Ministry of Agriculture adopts the Rule Book on terms and conditions, modalities and form of the application to exercise the right of purchase of the subsidised fuel, which stipulate the sales of that sort of fuel on the territory of Serbia. The company shall start the sales of Gas Oil 0.1 type of Diesel fuel to the registered farmers at its refuelling stations immediately following the endorsement of the required regulations. Meanwhile, may we remind you that at the entire NIS retail network, which comprises more than 330 locations across Serbia, a discount programme has been under way stipulating five dinars off per litre for Euro Diesel purchases. Consumers are required to produce their active NIS fuel card for farmers, which is issued without any charge, in order to benefit from this programme. Sincerely yours, NIS