Interview of Executive Director of Oil Field Services, John Small for specialized energy portal „Balkanmagazin

November 18, 2012

Specialized energy portal „ Balkanmagazin“

The Executive Director of the Block Services of NIS, John Small, said in an interview for the regional energy portal „Balkanmagazin“ that the company NIS invested USD25m this year in the procurement of the most modern equipment for drilling and exploration of oil and gas and formed a team of managers and experts in exploration and exploitation so that it would position itself as the leader in the Balkans, when it enters the regional market. In his interview , Small said that one of NIS’s main priorities is entrance at the regional market of oil services, which corresponds to company strategy, directed towards achieving a leadership position at the Balkans. NIS works on independence of Oil Field Services block, which conducts drilling of exploratory and developing boreholes, their equipping, as well as seismic explorations for hydrocarbon deposits, Small stated. Executive Director of NIS’s Oil Field Services appointed that investments in new equipment will allow drilling via principle of so called “dry locations”, meaning that land pollution will be completely eliminated, as well as occurrence of waste pits which served for disposal of fluids, used in the process of drilling and this satisfies top ecological standards. He emphasized that NIS’s strategic goals are improvement of quality of life, entrance to the regional market, maximal contribution in the process of NIS’s transformation into a modern energy holding and positive business results.