Joint Campaign of NIS and the Road Traffic Safety Agenc

November 24, 2016

At more than 280 NIS petrol stations throughout Serbia, the drivers can find leaflets with basic safe winter driving rules, which require extra vigilance while driving vehicles that are fully adapted to the roadway conditions. The leaflets contain practical advice for starting and stopping the vehicle, the list of prescribed winter equipment including winter tires and chains, recommendations for the safe movement of vehicles on the road during winter, actions to be taken when the vehicle is stuck in snow as well recommendations of experts on the necessary preparations for the trips during the winter. Follow this link to see the text of the leaflet. The long-term successful cooperation between NIS and the Road Traffic Safety Agency is established based on the signed protocol. The campaign dedicated to safe winter driving conditions is only a part of the main campaign “We Care About You” during which a number of activities dedicated to safety of motorcyclists, farmers and driving in summer conditions were conducted in 2016 as well as the Traffic Safety Week, which brought together more than 800 participants in lectures and exercises. The Traffic Safety Campaign is launched in the year that NIS declared as the Year of HSE (Health, Safety, Environment), which is another confirmation that the care about health and safety is among the strategic priorities of NIS.