Journalists Visit Amine Plant in Elemir

April 4, 2014

A group of journalists visited the construction site in the Plant for Preparation and Transportation of Oil and Gas in Elemir, where NIS is building an Amine Plant. On this occasion, they were shown the future method of operation of this Plant which will produce high-quality gas. Director of the Plant for Preparation of Petroleum Gas Transportation Predrag Grujic and Chief Engineer Nikola Vukoje presented the details of the project to the reporters, noting in particular the positive environmental aspects of the Amine Plant. The volume of investments aimed at building the Amine Plant and infrastructure was is 3.3 billion. In a tender procedure, Ludan EngineeringLTD (Israel) Company has been selected as the general contractor. The project was launched in August 2013, while the completion of works is scheduled for the third quarter of 2014 at the latest. The aim of the operation of the Amine Plant is to increase the quality of natural gas, which NIS delivers to Public Company Srbijagas’ distribution network, through isolation of carbon dioxide ( CO2 ) and other gaseous impurities. The Amine Plant’s operation will enable up to 3% reduction of CO2 in the gas that NIS produces, which meets the technical requirements for its use in the domestic gas distribution network, in accordance with the legislation which will come into force on 1 July 2014. The final effect will be a significant improvement in the quality of Serbian origin natural gas for final consumers, and increase of gas business efficiency, thanks to the higher energy value, and thus the volume, of the gas which is delivered to the customers. Particular attention is given to the environmental aspect of the project i.e. the SO2 isolated during the technological process shall be disposed of in a pre-prepared wells belonging to the Company, which will prevent it from being released into the atmosphere so the effect of "greenhouse gases " will be avoided.