Kirill Kravchenko at the Quantum Leap Conference on the Progress of Serbia from the Aspect of the Largest Investor

October 3, 2013

Kirill Kravchenko, NIS CEO spoke today at the international conference panel Quantum Leap on the progress of Serbia from the aspect of the largest investor. The directors of the largest companies with the Minister of Economy Saša Radulović took part at a panel where Mr. Kravchenko stated that NIS has been doing well and has a good prospect in Serbia and will continue expanding with the objective of integrating the whole region. “The Serbian experts are the body of our company. We have gathered Serbs from almost all over the world – Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Great Britain and other European countries and they hold over 40 management positions at the Company”, says Kravchenko. He added that all the decisions between the two major shareholders, Gasprom Neft and the Serbian Government are passed in complete accordance without outvoting. NIS CEO emphasized that the main problem in NIS operations is the economic crisis, but stated that it cannot pose as an excuse. “There are ongoing preparations for the modernization of the Refinery in Novi Sad, where special oil and lubricants will be produced in Europe”, Kravchenko said and concluded that a cycle of investments at NIS will follow this and the following two years in the amount of 1,5 billion Euro. The Quantum Leap which gathered over 70 participants from Europe, Asia, North and Central America, Asia was opened by Željko Sertić, Chairman of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Aleksandar Vučić, First Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia. According to the organizer, the conference objective is the development of a new economic climate, innovative strategies and solutions which would provide Serbia with the opportunity to make a „quantum leap“ and become the leading economic and investment destination of South-eastern Europe. NIS is the general sponsor of a conference held on 3 and 4 October, organized by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. Visitors will have an opportunity to hear the most renowned artists from Serbia and the region at the workshops Creativity as an Initiator of Development - Powered by NIS and enjoy the exhibition Polet.