Kirill Kravchenko, Chief Executive Officer of NIS, Meets with Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić

January 16, 2017

Kirill Kravchenko, Chief Executive Officer of NIS and Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić Mr Kravchenko informed President Nikolić about NIS' business results in the previous year. It was concluded that, despite the low oil prices in the global market, NIS generated net profit at the same level as in 2015. In addition, tax liabilities are paid to the Republic of Serbia regularly, which President Nikolić qualified as vitally important. The Chief Executive Officer of NIS highlighted that the company adopted the three-year business plan and, in this regard, announced new investments in the total value of one billion euros over the next three years. In addition, new investments from NIS' partners are expected. Mr Kirill Kravchenko and President Nikolić also discussed NIS' future business projects.