Kirill Kravchenko Gives a Lecture at the University in Novi Sad

November 27, 2014

The lecture was designed and organised by the CEO Office in cooperation with the colleagues from the Organisational Affairs and the management of the Rectorate. Based on the research as part of which he interviewed 20 managers of major international companies, Kirill Kravchenko drew the audience's attention to the characteristics of a successful manager in the modern world. In addition, he emphasised that good communication with the people inside the company and stakeholders is essential to managers, as well as the ability to learn quickly and adjust to change. “Experience has shown it is important for leaders to develop public appearance skills, speak several world languages and be willing to constantly improve and perfect themselves,” Kravchenko explained, adding that a good manager should balance the professional and personal life. On behalf of Novi Sad University, the audience was greeted by Rector, Professor Miroslav Vesković, PhD. Apart from the professors and students of this university, the lecture was followed via video link by Serbian students awarded scholarships by our company, who attend Gubkin Russian State University for Oil and Gas in Moscow and National Mineral Resources University in Saint Petersburg. After the lecture, the students had an opportunity to pose questions to NIS CEO. They were interested to know what Kravchenko did in his spare time and he said he dedicated himself to his family and training. Asked why there were not more women in the top management, Kravchenko replied that the situation was changing and that there were more and more female managers. Finally, the students wanted to know what the domestic leaders lacked and Kravchenko responded that more ambition was required, as well as the incentive of the state.