Kravchenko presented with Investor of the Year award

March 1, 2012

NIS CEO, Kiril Kravchenko, has for the second received the Man of the Year award, this time in the Investor of the Year category. The award was presented to Kravchenko at yesterday’s The Men magazine gala night. This award is presented to exceptional individuals from the business and the public sphere that marked the previous year. Under Kravchenko’s management, in the previous year NIS recorded a rise in investment for RSD 34.4 billion, which is 75 % more than in 2010. Company’s investment strategy is meant to make NIS a regional leader. In the previous three years, total investment was EUR 1.5 billion, and in the coming three years the same amount of investment is expected. In the area of environmental protection, NIS will invest EUR 400 million, which is 6.5 times more than in the Sales Purchase Agreement. The largest investment, not only in Serbia, but in the Balkans, expected in the third quarter of the current year, is the construction of the mild hydrocracking and hydrofinishing plant in the Pančevo Oil Refinery. NIS is investing in all areas of business: exploration and production, refining, retail network development, and apart from these, the most important investment areas in the future will be traditional and alternative energy, and petrochemistry. Last year Kravchenko received the award in the Corporate Man of the Year category for community engagement.