Kustendorf Declares Winners

January 28, 2016

Golden egg, first prize of the festival, was awarded to the young Hungarian director David Borbas, for "Wartburg". Silver Egg went to Basel Halil for his production "Hail Mary", while the Bronze Egg was won by Russian Maria Guskova for her film "Erik's Return." The competitors showcased 17 short films from Serbia, Russia, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Hungary, Iceland, Iran, Mexico, Palestine and Spain, which were selected from among more than 400 applications received seeking participation in this year's festival. The contest terms stipulate that young filmmakers and students of film schools present their feature, documentary and animated films up to 45 minutes, in the competition program. The great interest of guests and viewers was dedicated to the programme entitled "Contemporary Tendencies" showcasing the films produced by last year's Palme d'Or winner at Cannes, Jacques Audiard, winner of the Venice Film Festival, Koki Hasei, as well as productions of Mateo Garone and Corneliu Porumboiu. The event "Retrospective of the Greats" was dedicated to the German producer Karl Baumgartner and the Czech director Frantisek Vlačil. Most of the attention of students and young artists attracted programme "Decolonisation of Film", which run films "On Violence" by Goran Hugo Olson, "Captain Thomas Sankara" by Kristof Kupelin and "German youth" by Jean Gabriel Perio, with a special presentation of the production by Jie Giangke, "Mountains Might Leave." The young authors had the opportunity to meet with the French actress and film director Melanie Laurent, as well as with the famous producer Nikola Giulian. "This film event has reached a point where it is very difficult to erase it from the cultural map" - said Serbian director Emir Kusturica, closing the festival. The director also invited all guests to a 10th Jubilee "Kustendorf" due in January 2017.