Leading Serbia’s managers visit Pancevo Oil Refinery

March 12, 2014

Delegation of the Serbian Association of Managers (SAM) visited the Pancevo Oil Refinery, where NIS CEO Kirill Kravchenko introduced them to the modernized refining complex in which more than 550 million EUR has been invested since 2009. A delegation consisting of 25 members of the SAM Board of Directors had the opportunity to get acquainted with the process of technological innovation that NIS introduced with the aim of producing high-quality motor fuel. The modernization of NIS refining facilities has enabled the Company to reaffirm itself as the leader in quality by extending its range of products in line with the strictest European and environmental standards. Accordingly, in its refinery plant in Pancevo, NIS has started the production Euro quality motor fuels with higher octane rating i.e. 98 octane and 100 octane gasoline, and new types of branded diesel fuel with improved characteristics will soon be offered in the market. During the tour of Pancevo Refinery, leading Serbian managers have been presented with the latest technological solutions that are at the same time also directed at protecting the environment. Ecology is one of the key elements of NIS’ effective management, and a significant part of the investments in Pancevo Refinery i.e. more than half a billion euros in the time period from 2009 until today, concerned environmental projects. "Pancevo Oil Refinery is a proof that it is possible to synchronize the process of production of motor fuels of European quality standards with substantial improvement of the environment. Today, with the help of the modernized refining complex, NIS produces high quality fuel and constantly expands its range of products. So today we market best-performance gasoline of 98 and 100 octane value, and soon we will be ready to offer diesel fuel of improved quality. It is very important that increase in the efficiency of fuel production processes is synchronized with tighter environmental safety control. Current indicators of pollutant emissions are in line with EU regulations, and the volume of released gases such as SO2 and NO2 after the completion of modernization of Pancevo Refinery, has reduced by 30% compared to 2010 on average" said Kiril Kravchenko, NIS CEO. "Through best practices, such as the successful modernization of the Refinery, we strive to strengthen the exchange the knowledge and experiences of managers in the real sector, which play key roles in the Serbian economy. What Serbian managers had an opportunity to see during their visit to the Refinery is an example of good practice that everyone benefits from – the residents of Pancevo because their city is no longer an environmental black point, the citizens of Serbia because they get Euro quality fuel, NIShbecause it has been operating successfully and the state, because it has a reliable strategic partner who regularly meets its tax obligations. This is an opportunity for us to introduce ourselves with Gazprom Neft’s investment in Serbia and we would like to congratulate NIS on the results", Milan Petrović stated, the Chair of the Serbian Association of Managers. Additional information Within the modernized Pancevo Refinery, in addition to the complex for mild hydrocracking and hydrotreating ( MHC & DHT), the SAM also had an opportunity to visit the largest refinery plant for production of gasoline components (FCC complex) as well as the main control room from which the entire Refinery is managed and the most advanced substation in Serbia providing a regular supply of electricity to the entire Refinery. Also, in the modernized Refinery, the guests were introduced to other refurbished factory infrastructure facilities, including a loading station, a dock and a restored railroad equipment. Complex in Pancevo includes hundreds of modern processing systems that provide efficient operation of the Refinery units, which have contributed to increasing the efficiency of technological processes, with a high degree of environmental protection. Thanks to the increased efficiency of its business processes, the Refinery is among the first European plants according to the Solomon index of technological efficiency. Furthermore, NIS continually introduces high standards in the field of industrial safety and occupational health i.e. on average the Company invests 50 percent more each year in the development and training of employees, providing them with opportunities for professional and personal growth.