Lecture on NIS Bunkering Practice for Graduate Students

April 3, 2015

Đurović introduced students to the specifics and importance of bunkering as a business unit within our company, as well as the broader topic of the river Danube. “Inland navigation is still one of the more prevalent modes of transport, from the point of view of costs which are significantly lower than in other transport types. In this connection, supplying an inland fleet with fuel is an important and complex process in the logistical underpinnings for every shipping company. Bearing this in mind, there is no doubt that supplying the Danube fleet and all the associated activities, regarding safety and environmental standards, contribute significantly to the development of a company, the economy as a whole, and environmental protection. It is a great honour for me to be given an opportunity to deliver a lecture on NIS’ activities on the Danube,” Mihajlo Đurović said. The lecture was held as part of the NIS’ support for the Danube International Seminar, organized by the Centre for the Investigation of the Danube Region under the auspices of the Government of the Vojvodina Province, the City of Novi Sad, and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. The seminar aims to connect 25 young researchers, Master’s and PhD students from across the Danube Region, and point out numerous opportunities and options in the Danube Region through various workshops and lectures.