Minister Udovičić visits NIS young experts

October 21, 2014

"We share the values of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, so along these lines NIS has so far given jobs to more than 600 young gifted people. 30 Young Talents Foundation scholarship holders working currently with NIS is a testament to our good cooperation. Other than that, the programmes that we devised promote sports and sport valuies across our company", said Kirill Kravchenko, general director of NIS. Minister Udovičić described youth unemployment as one of Serbia’s gravest scourges. “Serbia’s Government made youth employment its priority, and the Ministry of Youth and Sports has been establishing cooperation with the best performaing companies operating in our country, to pave the way for the young to their employment. Our direct contacts with businesses seek to devise programmes that would bring about a boost in youth employment, we support training the young for professions in short supply, as well as facilitate contacts of young professionals with companies like NIS that would offer them opportunity for making their maiden professinal steps, showcase the skills they acquired, affirm themselves and start-up their careers“, Serbia’s Minister of Youth and Sports said. Ministry of Youth and Sports and NIS established a cooperation model shaowing that meaningful relations with businesses make youth employment quite a plausible task. Specifically speaking, NIS has recently offered employment to as many as 34 holders of state-granted scholarships by Young Talents Foundation, who ranked as best Serbia’s students.