Mobile Park Opened in Kikinda

October 11, 2013

A mobile park, the first of its kind in Serbia, was opened in Kikinda today. The project was selected in the NIS j.s.c. public call titled Together for the Community which was carried out by Kreativa, a centre of creative ideas. The park is located at the corner of Miloš Veliki and Uglješa Terzin Streets and spans across the area of 5.5 ares. Until only a few months ago the area was a derelict land plot. Отварању парка присуствовали су председник општине Кикинда, Павле Марков, регионални менаџер малопродаје Иван Зековић и директор удружења "Креатива Марко Марковљев What makes this park mobile is the fact that seedlings are planted in flower stands, which enables their relocation. Furthermore, tracks have been landscaped and benches and waste bins installed. NIS j.s.c. has been implementing the Cooperation for Development Programme for five years already, supporting projects and strengthening partnership relations with local communities. The mobile park demonstrates that cooperation and joint efforts can yield good results and deliver projects aimed at making changes to improve the quality of life in Kikinda. Together for the Community was called in the towns and municipalities where the Company operates, for project ideas in sports, culture, environmental protection, science, social and humanitarian endeavours. This is a joint effort invested by NIS j.s.c. and Kikinda citizens to raise the quality of the city's social life to a higher level.