Modernisation of NIS’ Pančevo Oil Refinery Continues

June 15, 2015

With the completion of the third phase of modernisation of the loading terminal, an investment worth close to two million euros, the most environmentally safe method of fuel tank truck loading was installed. This is a top loading method and it is now applied at two thirds of all loading points in the Refinery. This, primarily environmental, investment has helped eliminate noxious fumes from tank truck loading at Pančevo loading terminal. And this is not all, since the on-going final stage of the modernisation of loading terminal is planned to include a full replacement of the management system and a series of process improvements which will further promote process and environmental safety. Another important environmental investment in NIS’ refining segment, worth over five million euros, covers the closed drainage system near process equipment. The process serves to collect the liquid (fluid) discharged during the production process into separate tanks and to return it back into the production process. The system helps keep noxious emissions into the air which occur during the plant’s normal operation within the ranges prescribed by European environmental standards. By implementing the programme for reducing gasoline consumption and boosting diesel fuel production, NIS’ refining segment successfully joined the latest global refinery trends of increasing diesel fuel production. This programme is expected to step up diesel fuel output in 2015 by around 3.5 thousand tonnes on a monthly level, while the overall financial effect from all measures will amount to five million euros annually. In end-April successfully ended the project for closed sampling system at the Pančevo Refinery. This investment of nearly two million euros is important primarily in terms of environmental protection, as samples will not have any contact with the air, which significantly contributes to the preservation of working and natural environment. The Project was completed in a year and a half, bringing modern sampling techniques which are now applied throughout the Refinery. At 160 points in 24 plants panels were built in which samples of feedstock and products are taken several times a day and their quality is then tested in the Refinery’s laboratory. And more investments are yet to come at the Pančevo Oil Refinery. This year will see a continuation of the Bottom of the Barrel Project, the second phase of modernisation of the refining complex, which will promote the competitiveness of the Refinery.