Modernisation of the Bitumen Plant at Pančevo Oil Refinery

March 30, 2018

NIS has successfully modernised the bitumen loading system at the Bitumen Plant within Pančevo Oil Refinery The reconstruction and modernisation of truck and rail loading terminal and a section of the tank area have ensured full automation of the process of bitumen loading and shipping, which will improve the safety of NIS employees and the environment at the same time. The investment involved installation of state-of-the-art equipment, including modern computer software that ensures maximum equipment reliability. Nearly all the operations - from the means of transport arriving at the terminal, through loading, measuring the volumes and temperatures, to the vehicle leaving the loading station - are now conducted with the help of digital controls. Commenting on the successful modernisation of the section of the Bitumen Plant, Bora Spasov, Plant Coordinator, said, “By carrying this project out, the Refining Block has made another important step in modernising NIS’s refinery processing. Modernised bitumen shipping from the refinery also has an important economic effect, as it shortens the time for loading tank trucks and tank wagons. At the same time, we continue to improve environmental protection, which is a strategic priority for NIS.”