Nenad Borovčanin talked with NIS campus participants

August 15, 2013

In the premises of the Academy of Knowledge, Nenad Borovčanin, the State Secretary in the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia greeted NIS Camp participants in Budva – participants in the Olympic Games in mathematics, physics, chemistry and Russian language and presented the scholarship and reward programs of the Fund for Young Talents "Dositeja", within the Ministry of Youth and Sports. "It has been a great honour to greet the most successful participants in the Republic of Serbia on behalf of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and congratulate on numerous medals they have won. I would like to than NIS for having recognized the power of knowledge by supporttung state and international competitions and the educational campus for the most successful participants. The Ministry will always support the youth and sicence. I invite all the participants to take the iniative so that we could improve scholarship and rewarding programs in future", Borovčanin said. The participants greeted the State Secretary and invited him to take part in sports and recreational and educational programs organized during the camp. The NIS Camp takes place from 10 to 19 August in Hotel "Bečići" within NIS project "Energy of Knowledge". It hosts the most successful participants of the Olympic Games in mathematics, physics and Russian language and their teachers-lecturers, NIS scholarship holders and holders of scholarships of the Fund for Young Talents who have accomplished great results both in state and international competitions. During their stay in NIS Camp, students have the opportunity to improve their knowledge by participating in scientific and teaching programs and have fun and entertain themselves in sport and recreational activities