New control room in RNP

November 22, 2011

Chairman of the Management Board of the Russian company Gazprom Neft, Alexey Miller officially started up a new control room in RNP as a part of the new Hydrocracking and Hydrotreatment Unit. NIS CEO Kirill Kravchenko and Minister of Economy Nebojša Ćirić signed an Agreement on Strategic Partnership in the area of increasing the efficiency of production and financial stability of Petrohemija Pančevo. These events were attendded by the Serbian President Boris Tadić. Tadić expressed his satisfaction with the level of cooperation with the company Gazprom, which is the center of economic cooperation of Serbia and Russia and pointed out that there is an interest for NIS to expand its energy influence not only in the region of Southeast Europe, but of Central Europe as well. NIS is not only our national company but also an industry that may become a significant player at the energy market of the entire Southeast Europe, an there are possibilities for entering the Central Europe region as well – said President. Chairman of the Gazprom Management Board Alexey Miller said that today NIS is the most successful company in Serbia and that it is currently modernizing its refining capacities. NIS CEO, Kirill Kravchenko, said that the realization of the modernization project will enable the increase of the refining volume up to the maximum of 4.8 million tons of petroleum products, which will be sufficient to meet the demands of the Serbian market and the export to the other countries of the Balkan region.