New GAZPROM filling station launched

December 15, 2015

Ceremonial oppening- Kiril Kravchenko CEO of NIS, Aleksandar Antic Ministar of Minning and Energy, Vadim Yakovlev
Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC NIS and Alexey Chernikov , Director of Sales and Distribution Block Other officials in attendance included Vadim Yakovlev, Chairman of the NIS Board, Kirill Kravchenko, CEO of NIS, Aleksandar Antić, Serbia’s Government Mining and Power Generetion Minister, Siniša Mali, Mayor of Belgrade, as well as the members of the NIS Board of Directors. New GAZPROM filling station This latest state-of-the-art NIS premium brand refuelling station caters to consumers round the clock, offering them high quality petroleum products manufactured at Pancevo Refinery in compliance with Euro 5 quality standard. The offer now includes a high-octane G-Drive 100-Octane premium gasoline that provides first class protection to the engine, boosts its power and improves acceleration. The new GAZPROM filling station also offers LPG. In addition to high quality fuel, the consumers may benefit from a wide range of non-fuel goods in the shop, rich gastronomic offer, wide choice of „illy“ coffe of top quality, as well as free wireless. Aleksandar Antić, the Minister of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia On the occasion of opening of a new GAZPROM petrol station in Belgrade, the Minister of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Antić, said: “As the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Serbia, I have been paying special attention to the investments in the area of energy because the investments in this area are among the most significant for economic growth and development of our country. NIS, as a company owned by the Republic of Serbia and Gazprom Neft, is the backbone of that development, and I am pleased to say that in this time of crisis for oil companies worldwide, NIS stands firmly with both feet on the ground, it is in the investment cycle and this year it will achieve positive financial results, to the satisfaction of Serbia and all our citizens. We can say that NIS will undoubtedly remain the leader in this part of Europe”. Sinisa Mali, The Mayor of Belgrade The Mayor of Belgrade, Siniša Mali, stressed the importance of good cooperation between the City of Belgrade and NIS: “I would like to once again commend the results achieved by NIS and to thank them for making the City of Belgrade look more beautiful. In 2015, a total of seven petrol stations located within the territory of the City of Belgrade were reconstructed, and three more are in the final phase of modernization. I am sure that NIS will not stop there and that we can expect even greater number of petrol stations which make every part of the capital more beautiful, but what is more important, which employ young people. It is yours to define the plans which suit you and which will be focused on larger number of petrol stations in Belgrade, and you will always have my full support”. Vadim Yakovlev, The President of the Board of Directors of NIS The President of the Board of Directors of NIS, Vadim Yakovlev, expressed his satisfaction with the results achieved by NIS: “I believe that the opening of another GAZPROM premium brand petrol station symbolizes the dynamic growth of NIS, regardless of unfavorable external factors. GAZPROM brand and the petrol stations operating under the GAZRPOM and NIS Petrol brand have proved to be a symbol of product and service quality. When the company Gazprom Neft is concerned, the development of the NIS retail network not only opens the door to our presence in Europe, but it also opens the possibility to offer the cutting-edge products to our customers. One of those products is G-Drive 100, produced at Pančevo Oil Refinery. I wish further growth and development to NIS aimed at achieving the leading position in the region”. The “Novi Beograd” GAZPROM filling station was built in compliance with the stringent environment regulations and modern technology standards, outfitted with contemporary equipment and two-fold multiplex fuel dispensers.