New GAZPROM petrol station opens in Belgrade

June 29, 2015

The station was officially opened by Director of Sales and Distribution at NIS Alexei Chernikov and his deputy Pavel Kandalincev This is the 14th station under this premium brand in Serbia, and 94th in Southeast Europe, a region in which the GAZPROM petrol station network operates. It was constructed in line with the most stringent environmental regulations, and has state-of-the-art equipment and two-sided multiplex fuel dispensers. In a pleasant ambiance and with exclusive offers, this station’s visitors will be able to enjoy themselves 24/7. A restaurant and a car wash are also available. Many things make this petrol station ideal for taking a breather and then continuing the journey: it is found in the centre of the Žarkovo neighbourhood, on the way to a motorway leading to major Serbian cities and tourist destinations; it offers top-notch Euro 5 fuel produced at the Pančevo Oil Refinery, as well as wireless internet and great coffee among other quality products. “GAZPROM petrol stations are an international premium brand, where state-of-the-art modern technology is used in line with modern business standards. We are currently the fastest growing network whose top-quality fuel and non-fuel products and services have quickly won the trust of consumers in Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. By always improving our offer we fulfil our promise, expressed in the message “The Best Is Before You”, because the satisfaction of our customers always comes first. We would like the users of our services at GAZPROM petrol stations to recognize in us a loyal and reliable partner on the road,” said Alexei Chernikov, Director of Sales and Distribution at NIS, at the opening of the new petrol station. GAZPROM petrol stations are a new, modern NIS’ network, operating in four Southeast Europe markets at over 90 facilities, offering high-quality products and services to consumers in Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. They belong to the premium segment of the Balkan market, offer a reliable quality of fuel produced in line with European standards, and meet the needs of even the most demanding of consumers through carefully selected non-fuel products, restaurants, and supporting services. NIS won the “The Best from Serbia” award in 2013 for GAZPROM petrol stations.