New look of NIS Petrol Stations

December 28, 2011

As a part of the modernization project of its retail network NIS has finalized the preparation of a new concept of «NIS Petrol» petrol stations. The aim of renewing of the traditional brand of petrol stations, based on the business strategy of the company, is to strengthen the position of the company at the retail market of motor fuels by development of own, widespread retail network, oriented towards middle class, with guaranteed quality of fuel and services. New visual identity retains the properties of the old and recognizible brand «NIS Petrol», however at the same time it has been modernized and enriched by introduction of the blue color in the brand name inscription. This “three-color“ commercial brand offers to the customer reliability, availability, modern standard of services and guaranteed quality of petroleum products. In its operation NIS is oriented towards the interests of the majority of Serbian drivers, by providing high quality fuel at optimal market prices.