New NIS scholarships for students of Novi Sad University

March 27, 2019

On behalf of NIS, the agreements were signed by Deputy CEO, Director of the Function for government relations and corporate communications Vadim Smirnov. New NIS scholarship holders are students of the Faculty of Technology Maja Momčilović and Bojan Ljubanić, from the Department of Oil-Petrochemical Engineering, and third year students of the Faculty of Technical Sciences “Mihajlo Pupin” in Zrenjanin, Ognjen Trifunović and Dino Jovanović Sovtić, from the Department of Industrial Engineering in Oil and Gas Exploitation. Upon receiving the scholarship, Maja Momčilović said that she had been a NIS scholarship holder last year as well, and that being a trainee at the Scientific and Technological Center’s Chemization Department proved a great benefit to her in her later studies. “I have gained significant experience and new knowledge, which was a great contribution to my later studies. I am very happy that this year, after I gain my Master’s degree, I will get my first job in our largest company,” said Maja Momčilović. Dino Jovanović, a third year student, said that he had wanted to work in the oil and gas industry ever since he was a child, and that it was what motivated him to apply for a NIS scholarship. “In the past two years, I attended one-day training programs at NIS, when I was getting to know the Company for the first time. I expect even more from this year’s training. This is a great opportunity and I am confident that many doors will open for me owing to the cooperation with NIS,” said Jovanović. Fourth year student Bojan Ljubanić also emphasized the importance of a NIS scholarship. “I applied for this scholarship because I felt that it was an excellent opportunity for me to get a job immediately after I graduate from the University, along with the necessary working experience. The experiences of my colleagues who were NIS scholarship holders as well are very positive, and that was what motivated me to apply,” he said. Ognjen Trifunović, a third year student, talked about the importance of professional traineeship at NIS and the employment that is waiting for him after he completes his education. “Last year we had our traineeship in Jermenovci. A longer, one month traineeship is envisaged for us this summer, and after the scholarship period, we will be offered employment with NIS. Being a NIS scholarship holder means a great deal to me, because it opens many opportunities for the future, and the most important ones are employment and experience that I will gain through work. I hope that I will be able to continue to develop and improve myself further in the Company,” said Trifunović. NIS has been granting scholarships through the Novi Sad University’s Fund for Gifted Students for a full decade, ever since Gazprom Neft became the majority owner of the Company. It is a way for NIS to motivate the best students to continue with their studies, but also to keep them in Serbia after they graduate, as they can expect employment with one of the largest companies in the country.