New partner in the supercard program

May 12, 2014

Today NIS, Idea, Telenor and Sberbank companies, the partners in the joint loyalty program called Super Card, signed a Protocol on Cooperation with a new partner, DDOR Novi Sad Company. By affixing their signatures to the Protocol on Cooperation, Kiril Kravchenko NIS Chief Executive Officer, Alexander Seratlić Chief Executive Officer of IDEA, dr Christian Otto Noi, Chief Executive Officer of DDOR and Valerij Ovsjanikov president of Executive Board of director in Sberbanka, formalized the new partnership. Thanks to the collaboration of these five companies, by making purchase from these partners, consumers in Serbia, and soon in the region, will be able to collect saving points and thus become entitled to a number of benefits that the unique Super Card reward program offers. DDOR Novi Sad Company, as a new partner in the loyalty program, rewards its customers with special offers on car insurance as well as property, life and travel insurance and gives Super Card points for every purchase or renewal of insurance policies. All Super Card users who, within a single three-month long accounting period, earn the minimum of 60 points become entitled to a reward booklet with special discounts, wherein value in points varies depending on the type of insurance. McDonald's Company has also joined the loyalty program. In a certain period of time, through the Super Card discount booklet, this company will give out promotional coupons, which the Super Card owners will be entitled to use in all McDonald's restaurants throughout Serbia. Super Card, the largest loyalty program in the Serbian market, is successfully expanding the network of satisfied customers and has become a part of everyday life for many families in less than a year. This is further supported by the fact that so far more than 25 million purchases have been made using Super Card in IDEA retail stores and NIS Petrol filling stations across Serbia. More information about the opportunities offered by new partners as well as the entire loyalty program is available on the web site