New Petrol Station Under New NIS Petrol Brand Opened in Pozarevac

January 25, 2012

NIS opened the petrol station "Pozarevac grad I“ under the new brand of NIS Petrol. By the official opening of the second consecutive "three-color“ retail site in Serbia, attended by the representatives of NIS Petrol, local community and media, NIS started the building of its new identity of retail network by offering to its customers European quality of products and services, reliability and friendly environment. Respecting the tradition, NIS gave priority in rebranding in Pozarevac to the petrol station tha has been in use for five decades. Today, this is a modern retail site with the new visual identity created by the integration of a red flame on white background, which is the symbol of NIS and the blue color that symbolizes the synergy with Gazprom Neft. The start of operation of the petrol station under the new brand has been marked by fillin the tank of the vehicle belonging to the Health Center in Pozarevac. - Petrol station "Pozarevac grad I“ has become recognizible for the European standard in the appearance and the quality of services. In the following two and a half years NIS intends to modernize 250 petrol stations that will operate under the brand NIS Petrol and into which around 100 million euros will be invested. To mark the opening, in the following month all customers will be offered a discount in the amount of two dinars for all types of fuel - BMB 95, Д2, Euro Diesel, Euro Premium BMB95 and auto gas. In additioin, the initiative „Happy hour“ is in progress in NIS Petrol. According to this initiative at certain times during the day and night, during weekends and on the last day of the month all customers shall receive an additional 3% discount for all types of petroleum products, pointed out Alexey Shabashov, Director of Retail Network Divison in NIS Petrol.