New Petrol Station Under NIS Petrol Brand Opened In Belgrade

September 5, 2014

With the recognizable three-coloured design of NIS Petrol brand (red, blue, white), customers are offered quality petroleum products: Euro Premium BMB 95, Euro BMB 98, ULTRA D, Euro Diesel 5 and Autogas. There is also a wide range of motor oils, consumer goods, modern and fully equipped coffee bar as well as foreign exchange office. New petrol station is the most modern station in NIS retail network ULTRA D premium diesel fuel, the latest product of NIS, is a special part of the offer and aims at ensuring the optimal engine protection. Diesel fuel of Euro 5 quality is produced in Pančevo Oil Refinery and is subsequently added additives of superior quality. As a result, the use of this derivative increases the engine power, extends the car’s life and the risk is engine failure is lower. Customers in a new petrol station are entitled to benefits under the loyalty program Super Card. NIS, IDEA, Sberbanka Serbia, Telenor, DDOR Novi Sad and MacDonald’s are the partners in this project. Owing to the cooperation of six companies, customers may collect points while making purchases at these partners’ sales facilities and be entitled to numerous discounts. Super card is used in all NIS Petrol and GAZPROM petrol stations. One of the benefits customers are entitled to are double points obtained by purchasing Euro BMB 98 and ULTRA D premium Eurodiesel at NIS Petrol stations. The official opening was attended by Kirill Kravchenko, NIS CEO, Siniša Mali, Mayor of Belgrade and Goran Vesić, city manager The retail brand Aromatic is a newly launched brand at this petrol station, and/or a new concept of shops and cafes in NIS Petrol stations. The shops will offer a wide range of consumer goods and customers may expect a pleasant and cosy interior and fast, accurate and quality service. In accordance with strict environmental regulations, the new NIS Petrol station is equipped with separators for waste waters treatment and fuel tanks are equipped with double shield for protection against underground waters and for soil protection. The petrol station is fully automated which means that all work processes are monitored electronically 24 hours a day. “This is a very important event for our company because a new petrol station is a symbol of us reaching Belgrade after three years of innovation and investing 250 million Euro in the development of the petrol station network. Why didn’t we do this before? We had a large number of property issues and problems, but what we did in the last five months is more than what we did in the last five years, with the help of our friend, Mr. Siniša Mali, Mayor of Belgrade. As a result, next year we will actively begin the reconstruction of our petrol stations in Belgrade and we promise that we will increase investments in the City of Belgrade”, said Kirill Kravchenko, NIS CEO presenting Siniša Mali, Mayor of Belgrade with the Super card, and announced that the loyalty program would be joined by several major partners in the next three to four months. The retail brand Aromatic is a newly launched brand at this petrol station On that occasion, Kirill Kravchenko pointed out: “As regards a new petrol station, it was one of the best petrol stations in the city for years and in 2011 it was ranked 1st in the daily sales, but during the last three years the sales facility recorded the drop in sales and was not among the top 20 petrol stations in Serbia. Yet, after the reconstruction which we conducted together with our strategic partner, the Delhaize Company, I think that this petrol station will be among the best petrol stations again and that it will compete with the other two best petrol stations in Serbia – “Zmaj 1” and “Zmaj 2“. These expectations are not related only to the reconstruction of the petrol station but to the products which may be purchased in the station, such as Eurodiesel ULTRA D which we produce together with the German Company BASF in our refinery, to the new design of our café Aromatic and to a good service as well”. ULTRA D, new premium diesel fuel, was poured in vehicle of Institute for health protection of mother and child, Dr Vukan Čupić, by Nadezhda Korobeinikova, Director of Direction for retail “The City of Belgrade and NIS have a successful cooperation. The City of Belgrade joined the NIS program “Cooperation driving Development” for the first time in March. We cooperate in resolving property issues in case of different petrol stations under NIS Petrol brand in the territory of Belgrade. If this project is one of the results of that successful cooperation and if we worked well for NIS during the last five months and created conditions for resolving property issues, then I expect that NIS will allocate the major part of its investments to Belgrade in the next one year or two, since each new petrol station makes our Belgrade more beautiful and modern”, said Siniša Mali, Mayor of Belgrade.