New sport courts opened in Kikinda

December 3, 2014

By supporting the construction courts for sport and recreation, the company promotes a healthy lifestyle and involvement of young people in sport activities. So far, the sport facilities in Kikinda have exclusively formed a part of the Sport Centre. However, the newly opened courts allow easy and free access to sport activities to all residents from different parts of the city. The "Playgrounds to Kikinda" is one of the projects targeted under NIS program ā€˛Cooperation Driving Development" designed in view of strengthening partnership with local communities in which NIS runs its business and has implemented the program for six consecutive years. As a part of this program, the open competition titled Together for the Community has been conducted for already three years in a row. This year the program has been organized in cooperation with 11 municipalities. The projects awarded based on this competition contribute to the development of local communities, facilitate the operation of a number of institutions and promote the work of cultural, educational and sport institutions.