NIS Acquires OMV Stations in Bosnia-Herzegovina

February 28, 2013

As of March 1, NIS acquires 28 OMV refuelling stations in Bosnia-Herzegovina, after a respective competition protection agency approved the deal between NIS and ОMV BH d.o.o. Last November, NIS entered into a contract to purchase 100% ownership of ОMV BH d.o.o. The acquisition comprises one of the biggest refuelling stations chain in Bosnia-Herzegovina, oil products storage facilities, a representative office in Sarajevo, as well as 22 staff members of ОMV in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The deal envisages a complete rebranding of all refuelling stations before they start operating under the brands of Gazprom and NIS Petrol. This acquisition of the ОMV BH d.о.о retail chain will provide NIS with sales channels for its Euro 5 quality engine fuel produced by the company’s refineries.