NIS and Faculty of Organizational Sciences sign Memorandum of Strategic Cooperation

November 3, 2012

Daily newspaper „Kurir“

The Memorandum of Strategic Cooperation between company NIS and the Faculty of Organizational Sciences was signed in Belgrade by the Decan of the Faculty, Milan Martić, and Director of the Organizational Issues Function of NIS, Dmitry Fomenko, the media reported. The joint interest and the power of partnership are reflected in greater availability of information and improvement of students’ knowledge about business processes, as well as better contact through internships and opening possibilities for the most successful students to continue their career in NIS. Through a new form of cooperation and continual communication with students, student internship in the company NIS will continue. At the same time, there will be guest lectures of NIS's experts, and support for research and final papers, training programs and joint projects. "As a socially responsible company, for the third year in a row, NIS has cooperated with Belgrade and Novi Sad Universities, trying to integrate business and knowledge, it is stressed. The signing of the Memorandum means that the company is more and more dedicated to student population, especially of those educational profiles that NIS needs, and FON is definitely one of them" said Director of the Function for Organizational Issues in NIS, Dmitry Fomenko.